February 19, 2014

A broad series of textiles were specially designed for Das Haus. Based on a common grid measuring 10 x 10 cm, a variety of patterns, both two and three dimensional, were brought to life.

das haus textiles 2

First, we experimented with linens. Drawing, cutting, assembling and folding.

das haus tekstil 14

daas haus tekstil 19

das haus tekstil 13

das haus textiles 12

From here on, in close collaboration with both Kvadrat and Kinnasand, the taylor-made designs were printed.

das haus textiles 4

das haus tekstiler 16

Other textiles were laser-cut

das haus tekstiler 14

once back at the studio, the many various textiles were hand cut, folded, assembled, all depending on which part of the house Рand which narrative function Рthey served.

das haus textiles 1

das haus textiles 6

das haus textiles 5

daas haus tekstil 18

das haus tekstiler 17